A poem about Munich written by artificial intelligence

In the shadow of the towers where history weaves,
Munich awakens the heart again with its magic.
Marienplatz quietly announces the beat,
time stops when each step stops there.

The Frauenkirche, a jewel with towers aloft,
a story of the past that tells a step.
Schweinshaxe smells in every corner,
Bavarian taste that caresses the tongue.

Englischer Garten, park with stories,
where fountains dance and the sun laughs.
In the cellars he sings a song to Radler,
in Maß, friends come together in a golden circle.

Thomas Mann's shadow where the words sound
and heart-stirring Mahler music.
Werner Herzog dreams of movies in the dark,
under the lights of the night when Munich never sleeps.

In the silence of the Alte Pinakothek, paintings breathe,
and at the Olympic Stadium, the memories are bending.
Munich, the city where time stops in the heart,
in the poem of words, the charm of your brightness.