Food and drink

In Munich cuisine, you will find traditional Bavarian food and drink, which includes a variety of meat dishes, pastries and, of course, beer specialties. Here are some typical foods and drinks you should try when visiting Munich:

Weisswurst - white sausage, traditionally served as breakfast. It is a soft sausage stuffed with veal, onion, parsley and other seasonings. They invented it right in Munich.

Schweinshaxe - roasted pork knuckle. It is usually served with dumpling and cabbage.

Brezn (Pretzel) – a traditional type of salty pastry in the shape of a rope or a butterfly. They often sell it as a side dish to local beer.

Kartoffelsalat - potato salad. You may not have known that this well-known accompaniment to meat dishes comes from Germany.

Leberkäse – this traditional Saxon meat product resembles our meatloaf. It is made from ground meat and spices.

Obatzda – traditional Bavarian cheese spread. In addition to cheese and butter, beer and spices are also added to it. Served with soft pastry.

Bavarian Beer - Munich is home to the famous Oktoberfest, and beer culture plays a key role here. Try local beers such as Helles, Dunkel or Weizenbier.

Traditional food and beer in Munich (AI)
Traditional food and beer in Munich (AI)

Radler - a mixture of beer with lemonade or sparkling water, a refreshing drink ideal for warm days.

Maß - a double pint of beer that can be enjoyed in many pubs. A popular way of serving beer in Bavaria.

Apfelstrudel - a traditional apple strudel that you can taste as a sweet spot for lunch or dinner.

Eiskaffee - Iced coffee, great for refreshment on hot summer days.

In Munich, you can immerse yourself in the flavors of Bavarian cuisine and traditional beer. Don't forget to try these specialties whether you're at a traditional market, a pub or at Oktoberfest.